Edward Mountain

In Parliament

ScotRail Reliability - Topical Questions - 25 September 2018

I am pleased that the Cabinet Secretary has undertaken to provide more details on how ScotRail will improve how it communicates train service delays to passengers.

It is clear that more targeted measures must now be taken to put ScotRail back on the right track.

That’s why I am urging the Scottish Government to ensure ScotRail draws up an action plan to improve train services in the Highlands.

The most recent performance figures for train services to Aviemore are 20 percentage points worse than the figures for services to the best performing stations in Scotland. That’s unacceptable for Highlanders who need to get to work, travel to school or make hospital appointments.

The Scottish Government has to close that gap and it must do so by pressuring ScotRail to improve reliability and performance.

Ashley Atkins
Highland Toilets - General Questions - 20 September 2018

I challenged the Scottish Government to join me in continuing to press the Highland Council to keep our Highland toilets open.

Last month the Culture and Tourism Secretary said that funds were available on request from the Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund to save our toilets. Now it appears the Scottish Government is rowing back from its offer. Why were funds available at request from the Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund last month not available now?

The people of the Highlands deserve to know and that is why I have lodged a series of Freedom of Information requests to the Scottish Government.

Ashley Atkins
Rural Bank Branch Closures Debate - 18 September 2018

I have called on banks to review the range of options offered to rural customers impacted by local branch closures. Digital banking, mobile banking and post office banking are not alternatives that work for all. Banks must think again on how they support local customers and rural businesses. 

Ashley Atkins
Supporting Scotland's Canals - First Minister's Questions - 28 June 2018

Scottish Canals' £70m shortfall has already meant the closure of the Edinburgh-Glasgow Canal. Continuing financial difficulties threaten our waterways in the Highlands and across the whole of Scotland. I welcome the First Minister's announcement of an extra £1.6m but this is nowhere near the total needed to repair our canals. I am continuing to challenge the Scottish Government to protect this vital infrastructure. 

Edward Mountain