Edward Mountain



Edward Mountain MSP asks emergency question to First Minister on NHS Highland Bullying Allegations

I am deeply disappointed that the First Minister would not agree to launch an independent inquiry into corporate bullying in NHS Highland following my emergency question today.

Senior clinicians at NHS Highland have claimed in the press and others have done so privately to me that the culture of fear and intimidation emanates from the very top of the Health Board. 

I cannot therefore see why the First Minister believes that the Chair of NHS Highland is the appropriate person to investigate these very serious concerns. Especially when the Chair has previously rejected claims of a bullying culture and dismissed them as “gossip”.

Experience tells me that if you ever want to get to the bottom of an incident an independent inquiry has more chance of doing so.

Bullying ruins careers and it ruins lives.  It’s simply unacceptable that our hard working doctors and nurses should be intimidated at work. 

 For the sake of all those involved, patients, doctors and nurses, we need this to be resolved.

Ashley Atkins