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Edward Mountain MSP presses Scottish Government to invest directly into Cairngorm Mountain

Yesterday I held a useful meeting at Cairngorm Mountain with the operators to discuss the future of the mountain.

It is clear they have some ideas for a new business plan and hope to offer an exciting family experience to replace the lack of a funicular railway.

However, this depends on investment and to come up with a reasonable business plan you need to know how much you have to invest.

So I’m deeply disappointed with the Cabinet Secretary’s answer today in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government is unwilling to say how much money will be put aside to rebuild the Cairngorm Mountain resort.

How can the new operators of Cairngorm Mountain develop a business plan if they don’t know how much money is available?

Ashley Atkins
Edward Mountain MSP believes Scotland can win the European Space Race

I celebrated the role Sutherland is playing in helping Scotland to become a world-leader in Space technology during a Holyrood debate.

There is a real need for high-skilled STEM jobs in the area and the growth of the Space Industry has the potential to soften the negative impact of Dounreay being decommissioned.

It is vital that the investment in the Space Industry is made to work for local communities.

Ashley Atkins
Edward Mountain MSP presses Scot Govt. on their plans for future farming support

In my speech I criticised the Scottish Government for neither presenting a Scottish Agriculture Bill or signing up to the UK Agriculture Bill.

I believe the future of Scottish farming support should be based around five key principles: improving productivity, regional differentiation, environmental protection, simplification and research, education and securing the future of farming careers. 

Ashley Atkins